Welcome to JS Strength & Conditioning.

Our fitness philosophy is based on smart training and an understanding of what it takes to create a strong and healthy body. We believe that if you’re going to train in a sustainable manner you need to be fit from the inside out. Health and fitness is in part movement based, however other inputs such as sleep, stress, nutrition and mindset all contribute to creating the healthiest you.

We offer both private and semi-private training in a positive and safe environment. Our system of small group classes is unique in that we limit the number of clients per class which allows for a standard of coaching not seen in the majority of other gyms. We want to ensure that our clients understand movement mechanics and progress in a manner that is appropriate for the individual. An unfortunate reality in the fitness industry is a lack of quality control, which many times is the result of large class sizes and progressing clients too fast. At JS, our goal is to build clients from the floor up, which means first creating a solid foundation of core strength, proper muscle recruitment, and mobility in order to avoid injury and yield the best outcome possible.

All potential clients will receive a free consultation so that we can evaluate current fitness levels and overall well-being. In addition to the consultation, a movement assessment will be performed to identify any orthopedic limitations, improper motor patterns, and asymmetries in strength and flexibility. Based on the initial evaluation we will recommend an appropriate training regiment of personal training or our Kickstart Program.

Our staff of professional and experienced coaches look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals!